Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Problem with wine

I'm not an alcoholic or something. I've just been having problems with WINE ("Wine Is Not an Emulator"), the Open Source implementation of Windows API on top of Unix/Linux.

It all worked well until a couple weeks ago. I don't know what was changed, but suddenly applications began to start very slowly (they can take even a few minutes before they are launched).

I've tried to downgrade to previous versions, tried previous kernel version, tried reinstalling wine... nothing. The problem remains.

On the contrary on my desktop PC, everything is fine. So I'm starting to believe it's a problem related with my laptop. :(

If anyone has any suggestion, I'm listening!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

External monitor

Blog reader Juan let us know that he tested the following features of the SI1520 with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04:

External monitor works: OK
External monitor - mirrors: OK
External monitor - extend desktop: OK

Thanks Juan!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Modern Compass

The SI1520 is light enough to be brought along during a trip.
If it's a car trip, it might even come in handy, as it can be used as a GPS navigator. Of course you'll need a GPS Antenna, which nowadays can be found for just a few dollars on eBay. You can choose among USB models and -just a little bit more expensive- Bluetooth ones.
I've opted for a 32-channels Bluetooth Antenna (made in China and named "iBlue 737") which is very powerful, fast and precise. Also, with its 32 channels, it can reach way more GPS satellites than the antennas with 24 or less channels do, which means you will lose signal very rarely, even when surrounded by high buildings, like in Manhattan. :-)
Anyway, this little thing works perfectly in combination with the SI1520 (I only used it with Windows Vista, since I don't know of any mapping software that runs on Ubuntu) and Microsoft's Autoroute 2007 (for European roads) or Streets and Trips 2007 (for US/Canada roads).
If you prefer, you can directly buy the version with GPS included in the package. It both exists for the US/Canada roads as well as for Europe.
Using these programs, which both support GPS Antennas, you will be able to use your laptop like a GPS navigator. You will be able to create itineraries, and to receive exact instructions about how to reach every destination.
A little investment (around $70) and you will add a very powerful function to your SI1520.