Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Linux Mint 16 "Petra"

Installed Linux Mint 16 "Petra" Cinnamon Edition.

Everything works perfectly, this is a great OS for our old SI1520!


Monolith said...

I love it that you still update this blog every once in a while. I got my 1520 in 2006 and still use it regularly. My second battery died a few months ago and last week the power adapter stopped working properly but the computer works perfectly. I was thinking of buying a new laptop but decided to buy a new battery and adapter from ebay instead. I'm running Linux Mint 14 on SSD and plan to update when the new battery and power adapter arrives.

Sciamano said...

The 1520 is still a nice laptop, and it would be a waste to change it for a new one, considering that with Linux it still performs greatly. I applaud your choice of buying a new battery and charger for this nice little computer. :)
And thanks for visiting my blog :)

Ger said...


COuld you please check if Headphones are working right in Petra?

Mine works fine in Debian Wheezy, but problems with the grafic card, (need to patch few things at installation),

BUT I've just installed Ubuntu 14.10 and everything works like a charm, except Audio at Headphones. The point is that seems that Kernel doesn't support well this model's sound card (conexant cx20549 (venice)) and after many hours of changes on ALSA and Pulse confs, I didn't have any success.

Thanks, and best Regards

Sciamano said...

I'm sorry, I've been on Linux Mint 17.1 (Rebecca) for a while now.
Everything works, including headphones. But for what I recall, I think they worked on Petra too.

Ger said...


Enough for me, I also preffer Rebecca than Petra.

If I could install a distro able to run Citrix without many tricks, I think I will keep my beautiful Si1520 for two years more (born in 2006!).

I just added an SSD and keeps running (Also changed the battery pack, of course)

Sciamano said...
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Sciamano said...

I think you'll enjoy Rebecca. Also it's a LTS release, so it will supported for a long time.

Ger said...

Thank you.

Please, report if you think that it could be helpful, my Debian Report

Debian Wheezy
- Everything working.
- Wifi driver should be installed appart. (Propietary License)
- Graphic adapter is not able to extend the screens to the S-Video but it could mirror to it, so fine.