Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Battery very much OK

The replacement/spare battery I've bought on eBay from the Chinese seller shengz3 is very much OK.
Its price was very good indeed even after applying shipping costs and duties, it arrived very quickly and in very good conditions, and most of all it's 100% original and very high quality.
It's made by Sanyo (like the original one that came with my Si1520) and it's 100% functional: it charges up to 100%, while the one that came in the box with the laptop only charges up to 86%. Therefore I'm very satisfied, and can't help but suggest the seller to anyone in need of a second battery for their Amilo.


WiCkEd HeAd said...

Hi there!
Thanks for the blog, its been very usefull to me:)

I'm a lucky guy that has a amilo 1520 has well and my battery is worst then dead!!!
I the beggining it lasted max 3 hours and now not even 1, and not doing much more then web surfing...
I looked at the seller you sugested my didnt find the reference of the battery...
Can u help? and can you tell me a feedback how the battery is behaving and how much time do it last?

Sciamano said...

Have you tried asking the seller? Maybe they can supply the battery even if it is not on sale now.
Anyway, 3 hours are more or less the limit on these batteries.
I hardly ever run the laptop on batteries though, therefore mine still last about the same (~2.5 hours)