Saturday, April 21, 2007

A summary of reviews on the SI1520 has a nice summary page with links to various reviews of the SI1520.

You can find it here.


Felix said...

i'm not so sure about the quality of these reviews and the summary page itself. they list a test by german magazine c't with obscure percentage ratings for performance, features and ergonomy. c't never rates any test results in that manner. in this particular test in issue 20/2006, they rated the si1520 as follows (from a ++/+/o/-/-- scale):

battery time: 0
speed: office ++ / games -
ergononmy: +
noise level: +
display: 0
features: +
expandability: 0
analog vga quality (1280x1024@85): 0
audio output quality: +

comments: long battery time, quite silent, dvi-output, fast harddrive, annoyingly amounts of advertising.

they tested an si1520 with core duo t2400 (2x 1,83ghz), 2gb ram, 120gb harddrive, dvd-burner.

Sciamano said...

I can't comment, since I've never read those magazines. :)
I just thought it might be useful to have handy a place that lists a few reviews. :)

Kristoffer Ellersgaard said...

Hi. Very nice blog. I own a Si1520 myself, and now I got some problems with 3 disturbing spots on the LCD which look black'n'white-ish. When I at all touch the screen, the spots get worse. I can still se what's on the screen, but its annoying.

In my opinion I've handeled my computer very carefully. Is there anybody else who experience the same problems?

I've also managed to get the heat-sensors working (installing the applet in gnome), and set my personal heat-record with azureus was checking an incomplete torrent with two threads: 91 degrees C! When I touched it for three seconds, the temperature sank to about 85. Ouch.

Sciamano said...

Kristoffer, your display is probably afflicted by three dead pixels. There's nothing you can do about it. You might ask to Siemens Customer Care, but I doubt this kind of display problems is covered by the warranty.

I haven't fiddled with the heat-sensors yet. Might want to do it in the future, though.

Christian said...

That is not dead pixels, I got the same problem as well. The back of the screen is actually to thin and soft, so when you close the lid it lays pressure on the actual screen.

Rafal C said...

Yes it happened to me. My laptop is almost 2years old and used daily. Now I can already see the damages in the areas where the cover is pressing the LCD panel.

I plan to contact Fujitsu-Siemens customer care...