Saturday, April 7, 2007

OpenSUSE 10.2 LiveDVD

I wanted to try OpenSUSE 10.2, since it's said to have the best hardware support among all distros. I inserted the LiveDVD in the CD/DVD reader of the SI1520, and it booted.
After a few seconds, a choice is given to boot the Gnome LiveDVD or the KDE LiveDVD. I chose Gnome and pressed Return.
The DVD started to spin, a splash screen appeared, and then the screen went black with a number of errors. The last few rows stated:

"Cannot find the CD I was booted from - doh!"

And everything stopped. If this is the distro with the best hardware support... :)

*EDIT*: I managed to make the LiveDVD boot by entering the BIOS and enabling 32-bit performance for the CD/DVD drive. Now testing.

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