Thursday, April 12, 2007

Feisty beta's Network Manager OK Again

A new update of the Network Manager package for Ubuntu Feisty beta has been released today.
The first reports indicate that everything has gone back to normal.
I have not updated yet, so I can not verify. I will do ASAP.
But the network should now work again.

*EDIT*: I've just updated. Everything looks fine.


Biby Cletus said...

Ubuntu Feisty beta had some real problem to it ok the beta version good news nice post will be back

Biby Cletus - Blog

Sciamano said...

As with every beta version, problems are to be expected. ;)

Erol said...

The latest package: network-manager_0.6.4-6ubuntu6_i386.deb is still broken. I had to revert to: network-manager_0.6.4-6ubuntu4_i386.deb to make it work again.

Great blog,

Best regards from Bosnia & Herzegovina,


Sciamano said...

Hmm, that's strange! On my box version 0.6.4-6ubuntu6_i386 works.
What model (which CPU?) of SI1520 do you have?

BTW, thanks for the compliments, and greetings to Bosnia & Herzegovina. :)


Erol said...

My CPU model is T5600 = 1.83GHz.

Also one other info, my built in microphone works. I've installed skype yesterday and tested it works like a charm.

Overall sound loudness is not so good. I feel it's quieter than in windows xp.

Also touchpad doesn't work after suspend.

Card reader doesn't work, it is detected but when I insert a card nothing happens. Nothing is logged, this is also known problem.

Sciamano said...


I think that the mainboard has changed in my model. I have the T7200 C2D CPU, and from what I gather from the informations available online, my system is different from previous versions of the SI1520.

The card-reader does not work with the latest kernel versions. If you still have installed version 2.6.20-12 try booting with it, and check if the card reader works. Mine does. It's a Ricoh, what brand is yours?

Regarding low volume, here is a topic on this problem. It did not work on my Amilo, though.

I'll test some more with the internal microphone, I actually did not have too much time to fiddle with it (also, it's not important to me, so I kind of underestimate the problem).

The main concern for me is the touchpad fault after a resume. That's an issue that should be looked into, because it's so annoying that suspend/resume works well except for this!